Abkhazia’s public representatives urge government to appeal to Russian Federation, international organizations for the provision of Covid-19 vaccines

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Apsnypress – Abkhazia’s public representatives of the public in Abkhazia call on the government authorities to appeal to the Russian Federation and international organizations – WHO and other UN structures, as well as the co-chairs of the Geneva Discussions – with a request to provide Abkhazia with vaccines to protect the population of the country.

Appeal of representatives of the public to the government of the Republic of Abkhazia

Almost the entire world is facing a crisis caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost every day, the new cases of coronavirus claim its victims in Abkhazia. Given the small number of our people, is it necessary to talk about a disaster that the pandemic has turned into for our country. Doctors fight with all their might for each patient, all the resources of the health care system are involved, public organizations, volunteers and businessmen make a great contribution to organizing treatment for patients.

However, all this is a struggle with the grave consequences of the virus, leading, in most cases, to a severe, painful course of the disease, which not everyone is destined to cope with – even with professional help. Today we understand that it is much more important to stop the virus than to fight it after it has entered the human body. After a year and a half since the beginning of the pandemic, we can confidently say that humanity has not yet developed anything more effective to protect the health and life of people than vaccination of the vast majority of the population. Countries that have managed to carry out vaccination on such a scale have mostly returned to normal life, and people did not lose their loved ones, like they did in wars.

We all very much hoped that the vaccination problem could be solved with the help of the effective Russian Sputnik-V vaccine, but providing the required number of doses for the population of Abkhazia turned out to be a difficult task. Since the pace of vaccination at the present time cannot solve the main problem – stopping the deadly spread of the virus in Abkhazia, there has been an increasing number of proposals to address this issue to international organizations as well.

Therefore, we consider it our duty to urge the Government of the Republic of Abkhazia to address both the Russian Federation and international organizations – WHO and other UN structures, as well as the co-chairs of the Geneva Discussions – with a request to provide Abkhazia with vaccines, that have proven their effectiveness, in order to protect the population of our country.

In order to stop the spread of the pandemic in our republic and win the difficult fight against the virus, we will try to organize a timely and full-fledged vaccination process in the name of the life and health of all residents of Abkhazia.

  1. Angelina Otyrba
  2. Anri Kaitan
  3. Hajarat Shamba
  4. Alina Kortua
  5. Astamur Tania
  6. Alkhas Tkhagushev
  7. Natella Acaba
  8. Elvira Arsalia
  9. Batal Kobakhia
  10. Inna Barchan
  11. Maktina Jinjolia
  12. Inal Khashig
  13. Ibrahim Chkadua
  14. Arda Inal-Ipa
  15. Liana Kvarchelia
  16. Diana Kerselyan
  17. Said Gezerdava
  18. Indira Agrba
  19. Tsiala Tskua
  20. Naala Kartozia
  21. Laura Benia
  22. Asida Lomia
  23. Madina Gartskiya L
  24. Iana Vekua
  25. Marietta Topchyan
  26. Irina Kokoskir
  27. Elena Kobakhia
  28. Aida Ladaria
  29. Taisiya Alania
  30. Victoria Tsulaya
  31. Elena Kuvichko
  32. Rosita Herman
  33. Manana Gurgulia
  34. Azamat Bagatelia
  35. Elona Turava
  36. Amra Lakoya
  37. Kama Argun
  38. Anna Torgashova
  39. Maya Shirokova
  40. Inga Tuzhba
  41. Julia Lagvilava
  42. Julia Dubitskaya
  43. Elana Kortua “
  44. Batal Bzhania
  45. Lyudmila Achba
  46. Angelica Jikia
  47. Anahid Gogoryan
  48. Elena Zavodskaya
  49. Kama Gopiya
  50. Beslan Khashba
  51. Diana Hintba
  52. Manana Mikanba
  53. Ada Mikaya
  54. Ada Jinjolia
  55. Khatuna Logua
  56. Denis Chanba
  57. Manana Akirtava
  58. Gunda Kvitsinia
  59. Liana Mikanba
  60. Lyudmila Sagaria
  61. Angela Ladaria

Collection of signatures continues

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