In recent weeks Georgian and Abkhazian societies have been discussing information about a planned Russian naval base in Ochamchira.
The words of Abkhazian leader Aslan Bzhania about Russia's intention to build a new base for the Black Sea Fleet in Ochamchira are both an indirect recognition that Moscow has come to terms with the loss of Sevastopol as the main base of its naval forces in the Black Sea, and a new threat to Georgia.
"The growing role of Russia in the South Caucasus and the decline of the influence of the West is a particularly dangerous process for pro-Western Georgia"
"In the second Karabakh war, Russia surpassed the West. The "new" world is the "Russian world", and the West is even more excluded from the sphere of conflict resolution"
"Georgia must unblock routes for Abkhazia's economic development" - expert comments on the current state and models for development of local economy