Why the authorities in Abkhazia are stirring up the topic of ‘color revolutions.’ Opinion

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color revolution in Abkhazia

In their effort to pass a foreign agent law, the authorities in Abkhazia are calling it a defense against color revolutions.

The Abkhazian ministry of foreign affairs is particularly active in promoting this topic on its information resources.

Sergey Shamba, the secretary of the Security council, also holds the belief that color revolution techniques are being employed in Abkhazia. He points out that these strategies “previously worked successfully in Georgia and Ukraine.”

Furthermore, he mentions that in Belarus, the situation nearly led to another state coup, but it was narrowly avoided.

The well-known Abkhaz lawyer from the NGO “Center for Humanitarian Programs,” Said Gezerdava, explains why the authorities of the republic are so actively promoting the topic of “color revolutions”:

“Until now, the false narrative surrounding ‘color revolutions’ has been propagated solely by trolls and anonymous users who are not locals and are following manuals provided to them.

They were supposed to publish a specific number of posts, they did not bother studying the Abkhaz context, and therefore ultimately did not achieve much success.

But what do we see now? The media center of the ministry of foreign affairs adopts the same primitive argument about ‘revolutions.’

Who is this farce aimed at? After all, those whose quotes the ministry of foreign affairs abundantly uses were exactly the ones we saw at the forefront of the ‘revolutionary masses.’ Propagandists have outdone themselves in distorting recent events, resulting in a boomerang effect. But it seems that they lack a sense of proportion.

Those behind the stream of lies and post-truth have a clear anti-Abkhaz agenda – to quench any discussions about national interests.”

“Ignoring public opinion, they understand that they are pushing the people to the last method of response – gatherings. That’s when they start talking about “color revolutions.” It’s necessary to remind the propagandists that the current authorities themselves once used this very institution of popular democracy to their advantage.

The rallies of recent years (which are essentially the same as gatherings) show that people care when the government degenerates and changes the country’s course of development. The work of propagandists is based on twisting facts and distorting the meaning of those important traditional tools of public participation that our people have used for centuries. And in these manipulations, they cross all boundaries.”

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