Why Abkhaz political elites do (not) need joining the Union State? Opinion

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Abkhazia’s accession to the Union State

In the rhetoric of the current Abkhaz government over the past couple of years, there has been an emphasis on the thesis of harmonizing local legislation with Russian law. According to president Aslan Bzhania, in order for the republic to preserve itself, it “needs to cede part of its sovereignty [to Russia].”

In turn, political elites discuss the prospects of Abkhazia joining the Union State of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

The Union State is a supranational entity consisting of Russia and Belarus with gradually organized unified political, economic, military, legal, humanitarian, and other spheres.

Publicist Tengiz Jopua asks: “Why do they need this?” 

And he concludes, they don’t.

“I’m wondering, does our elite really need to be part of another state? No. Why would they need this? In this case, boundaries disappear – including elitist boundaries – and competition arises. Such powerful and ruthless competition that our political elite lacks the character and firmness to withstand. They will quickly put them in their place, and it won’t be the best place.

No, all this talk about the Union State or joining someone else is just smoke and mirrors. The elite knows how to flatter, grovel, crawl along the velvet carpet paths because without all this deceit, there will be no money, and without money – there will be no power.”

Нowever, the paradox is that the erosion of state institutions, which our political elite allows and supports, inevitably leads Abkhazia into foreign hands. When our republic becomes part of another state, the elite will be the first to fall. And all the wealth they’ve stolen from the people will be taken away. They feel it in their bones. They feel it and they’re afraid.

In the mid-19th century in St. Petersburg, the question of the Abkhaz elite was already being raised. Someone there wondered why Abkhaz nobles even thought they were nobles… So, study history and then you’ll see the light”.

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