Inal Khashig, Alkhas Jinjolia, and Astamur Tania discuss Abkhazia’s failures in countering Covid-19

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Chegemskaya Prvada

In Abkhazia, the real numbers of deaths from the coronavirus and its consequences are one and a half times higher than the official figures. And this despite the fact that the official data can be discouraged.

Inal Khashig, editor of the Chegemskaya Pravda newspaper, in the next issue of Conversation, discussed the situation with the pandemic with parliamentary deputy Alkhas Jinjolia and expert Astamur Tania.

In particular, they talked about the flaws in Abkhaz statistics, and why, in the absence of the necessary amount of vaccine for the country, the Abkhaz authorities refuse to help international structures that are ready to provide the vaccine free of charge.

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