When we came closest to resolving the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict? | Paata Zakareishvili

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Conflict studies specialist Paata Zakareishvili talks about the Georgian-Abkhaz negotiations and the missed opportunities when the parties came closest to resolving the conflict.

The interview covers the missed opportunities of avoiding the war, the visits of Ardzinba and Shamba to Tbilisi, the story of Georgian delegations in Sukhumi, forgotten reconciliation documents, and concrete steps for the future, which could lead the situation out of the impasse.

According to Zakareishvili, direct dialogue between Tbilisi and Sukhumi is necessary. The expert believes that Tbilisi should help the Abkhaz side free itself from Russian isolation and offer alternative ways and visions.

“The war in Ukraine creates a unique chance that needs to be used” – concludes Zakareishvili.