Abkhazia in the Union State with Russia – what do Abkhaz political experts think?

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Abkhazia in the Union State with Russia

Editor of the newspaper “Chegemskaya Pravda” / editor of JAMnews in Abkhazia Inal Khashig and historian and political scientist Astamur Tania discuss the political challenges that Abkhazia needs to solve.

Main ideas:

“It is unlikely that Abkhazia will join the Union State of the Russian Federation and Belarus, since it does not need it, and Russia and Belarus will not want to spoil relations with Georgia.

“A “new USSR” is impossible, but the countries of the South Caucasus have prospects for good cooperation, and Abkhazia should become part of them.”

“Abkhazia needs to strengthen the presence of international organizations to be able to participate in international economic projects.”

“The authorities of Karabakh and Armenia tied their own hands in reaching an agreement with Azerbaijan, and their mistakes should be a lesson for Abkhazia.”

“Relations between Russia and Europe will inevitably improve. And it is important that Abkhazia still exists by this time.”

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